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Are Advancements In Technology Making You Work More?

Advancements in technology have helped the workplace immensely. By reducing the amount of work the people have to do on their own, technology allows people to work on more crucial and time-sensitive material. But does technology sometimes cause us more work than we used to have?

Cell Phones

Ever since cell phones became a normal device for everyone to be carrying with them wherever they go, it has made communicating with work much easier. Whether you are at home, in the office or across the country, anyone is able to reach you. This may seem good to people at first, especially the employer, but it is causing everyone to put in more hours. This can cause an imbalance between work and life.

The last thing that any employee wants to receive when they get home from a hard day’s work is a call, text or email from their boss. It is very common for people to be asked to complete a quick task from home that just can’t wait until the morning. Because people are always reachable, they may feel like they are always at work

Taking Your Work Home

A lot of people nowadays are taking their work home with them. Once five o’clock comes, everyone packs up and heads home. But for some, the work doesn’t stop there. They take their laptop right back out of their bag and log back on.

Advancements in technology have even allowed people to connect to work servers from home, so that they have every last file available to them when they should be spending time with their friends and family.

Having this ability to work from home makes it very easy for people to feel like they are getting ahead of their work or that they are dedicated because of their extra effort. This can cause for very stressful lifestyles that can lead to other serious problems in the future.

Should Faster Technology Mean Faster People?

Because processes done by technology continue to improve and run faster and smoother, many employers expect the same from their employees. They think that just because a small part of their job has improved technologically that they have no excuse now to perform at the highest standards.

Some employers seem to forget that people are not like technology. We do not improve alongside it. We can’t simply download an upgrade and be more efficient and cost effective. It is important for employers to realize that improvements in technology are designed to help employees have an easier job and to work smarter, not harder.

Don’t Let Technology Work You

Technology is an amazing tool that is expanding every day. These tools should be used to our advantage. We should be working less and should be less stressed out at the end of a hard workday. We should not have to come home just to continue to work.

If you find yourself coming home just to get right back to work, it might be time for a change. Try letting your boss know that you need some personal time because working from home is impacting your abilities to get rest and to recover for the next day of hard work. If you are trying to prove yourself and your abilities then try doing so at work. Use your time at home to do things that you enjoy. A lot of work done at home goes unnoticed.

If you are feeling stressed out due to overwork, then try to maintain a balanced work-life relationship. And always remember, technology was designed for us, not the other way around.

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