How to Prevent Your Cell Phone from Getting Stolen

cell phoneMobile devices such as the iPhone, tablet, and others are some of the most popular devices that get stolen. They are small enough to take out of your pocket and people can easily forget about their device and leave it behind.  So many people take their devices with them daily when out for a jog, bike ride, or a walk.  Anyone looking to steal such a device will know such persons are at risk.  If you want to reduce your risk for being a target for thieves consider the following points to safeguard your device.

  • Use common sense. When you have your device don’t leave it unattended.  If you leave it in your vehicle don’t leave it in plain sight.  Don’t lay it down on a surface knowing there are strangers around you.  Keep your stuff close!
  • Don’t let earplugs make you a potential target. Not to say you shouldn’t use them, but they can give potential thieves an idea where you keep your device.  The pocket can be big enough for someone else to get their hand in it. Earplugs or earbuds is a dead giveaway for thieves letting them know you have something of value.  Consider other earphones that don’t seem as obvious as you are wearing them or have a way to snake the cord to your device that is harder for someone else to reach.
  • Avoid using belt clips in public. If you are at the gym, at home, or other place that is safe you could use your clip with less worries.  Yet, in public it is almost like giving thieves a pass to your stuff.  Be mindful of where you clip your device and how it is clipped.  Some clips have your device exposed so others know what it is. Keep in mind some clips are easy to pull off.
  • Make sure your device is close to you or within eyesight. If you use a clip it should be close to your body in a way it would be difficult for someone else to take.  Have a jacket with an inside pocket or a carry bag you can keep close to you with your device inside. If you are able to see your device when you have it on you thieves are less likely tempted to try and take it from you.
  • If you clip it make it difficult for someone else to try and take it. You can clip it to something that can make it hard for someone to steal it depending on your situation.  When you clip your device consider clipping it to something else at the same time.  If you use an inside pocket or your backpack, do you have something heavy duty you can clip your device to that would make it harder for the clip to come lose?
  • Know where you are and take note of surroundings.  Some may not realize their surroundings when listening to music or watching videos.  It simply makes your more alert of what is going on around you.

How to Catch Someone Who Steals Your Cell Phone 

Once the thief makes off with your fancy phone is there a way you can tell who took it and what they took it for? The simplest way to catch the crook is to use the cell phone spy software detailed on the Safeguard Review Site, like Highster Mobile. Highster can monitor all cell phone activities, like text messages, call logs and more! So if someone steals your phone you have the ability to spy on the text messages they send or follow them on GPS. The Safeguard Blog can help you look into spying on text messages and more. Check it out today for more information!

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