What’s the Best Remote Text Message Spy App for Android?

With several competing products going out in the market, you may find yourself asking, “What is really the best spy app for Android?

The answer to that is simple: the best spy app is the one that offers you all the features you will ever need to monitor someone else’s phone activity, the one that doesn’t make you pay more money every month, and the one that has excellent technical support behind it to help you out whenever you get stuck.

Safeguarde.com has a comprehensive list of the top 3 apps for spying on text messages, two of which are well-established and highly popular in the industry – Auto Forward and Highster Mobile. Both of these apps have all the features that a parent or employer will ever need to monitor text messages and a lot more.

Let’s Talk About The Features

These are the most important features that a premium spy app for Android should have:

  • Spying on their text messages – You will be able to read all the text messages that are received or sent on the target phone, even those that have been deleted!
  • Reading their emails – You will now be able to see the emails that were sent from or received by the Android phone.
  • Knowing about their phone calls – Every incoming and outgoing phone call will be logged and contain all the details you need to know – phone numbers, duration of the calls, timestamps.
  • Viewing their photos and videos – You can view all the photos and videos that were taken by or sent to the target phone you are monitoring.
  • Spying on social media posts – You will be able to see and read all the messages and posts made on social media platforms and messaging apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Hangouts, Skype, Snapchat, Tinder, and more).
  • Seeing their browsing history – Each and every website that was visited using the Android phone will be logged, and you will have access to links, snapshots of the sites, frequency of visits, and even the ability to block websites you specify and alert you if certain keywords were used.
  • Seeing which apps they have – You will see what apps have been installed on the target phone and you can even block the apps you specify from being installed.
  • Knowing where they are right now – Real-time location data via GPS will be uploaded to Google Maps at regular intervals, allowing you to track where the target phone is within 50 feet.
  • Locking their phones remotely – You will have the ability to lock the target phone from a remote location via the web.

A premium spy app will have all these features, plus giving you the ability to see full diagnostic information about the target phone, such as data usage, battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. After downloading and installing either the Auto Forward app or Highster Mobile on the device you want to spy on, you can then monitor another person’s Android phone and see what they are up to without having the phone in your possession.

We recommend visiting https://safeguarde.com/ to read their reviews on the best remote text message spy apps for Android and take your pick depending on which one you like the most.