Have You Always Wondered? “Is There Any Way To Spy On Text Messages?”

With what’s happening in this world – cybercriminals who use technology as their means to harm youths, and the likes – parents would want to spy on their child’s text messages. In a survey conducted by Pew Research Center (2010), it was found out that a teen would be able to send and receive 50 texts a day, unlike the adults who can send and receive only 10 texts a day. After a decade from the day this survey was conducted, the number of texts per day would likely increase for the teenagers.

It is fortunate that despite the harm technology has, there are apps that provide spying software for parents and guardians who can now monitor their child as they engaged in text messaging.

However, it is most vital for a parent or a guardian to know the first steps in monitoring your youngsters’ technology environment. Here is the summary of the steps to monitor your child’s activities on their phone:

  • STAY UP-TO-DATE: How can a guardian know what their children’s virtual environment was all about? Parents should have knowledge on social media sites where teenagers are most actively participating, especially sites that can cause harm to themselves or others through anonymous identities, such as After School, and Omegle (a new messaging app where people are anonymous).
  • BE INVOLVED: Oftentimes children would only answer “doing fine” when you ask them how their day went in school. Becoming involved in their social, and psychological aspects in life are vitally important as they might need someone to talk to, and we never know what they are going through.
  • SET BOUNDARIES: Enforcing some limitations on who they are going to communicate with and be careful with are the only way to protect them from harm in which as the child grows up they will be able to fully understand and be able to embrace it as their guide in life. At the end of the day, it is you as their parents or guardians who can protect them from different afflictions they may have as a child.
  • USE MONITORING APPS: Sometimes using a monitoring app is better than doing it yourself. Some monitoring apps are inexpensive and will be able to monitor your child’s social media activities in real-time. Together with this monitoring app of your choice, your presence as a parent or guardian and your communication with the child is most important.

Monitoring your children’s text messages should be a win-win situation. Your children will be able to know the limitations of how they act and speak in social media, and you, as a parent or guardian will be able to track your kids’ activities and not only that! You will be able to talk with them openly.

So, if there is any way to spy on your text messages? Yes, there is. To know which monitoring app is good for you, visit Safeguarde for the Top 5 Apps that can spy on text messages.