giving your child a cell phone

Tips on What You Can Do Before Giving Your Child a Cell Phone

giving your child a cell phoneThanks to the ever growing advancements of technology kids have more ways of getting connected to the world around them. With so many options for multimedia concepts the cell phone is something millions of children take advantage of on a regular basis. Parents may decide to purchase their child a phone for whatever reason, but there are a few things you should do before giving your child a cell phone that could make a difference for the both of you. Here are some points to get you started in preparing to give your child a cell phone.

  • Create a pass code or password. Upon getting the cell phone of your choice for your child have a password or pass code ready to use. This can help keep the device protected and others from gaining access to sensitive information. The child could be prompt to enter this information each time they gain access to the phone.
  • Have apps installed. There are some apps you may want to consider installing on the device before giving it to your child. These may include a security app, music apps, or an app for purchasing other apps if it is not already on the device (such as the App Store or Google Play). Some apps may require an account setup and you could do this as well so you have access to related content at any time. My number one suggestion for any parent looking to watch over their child’s cell phone would be the Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring App. I’ll talk more about this app later in the article.
  • Rules and restrictions should be in place. You can discuss with your child what they can and cannot do with their device. You can also set parental controls and restrictions on the device depending on security settings. You may want to consider placing a block on certain websites accessed or consider restrictions on video content. You can review instruction content for your mobile device to learn more about this aspect.
  • Invest in a good phone case and screen protectors. Kids are known to have accidents that could lead to the device getting scratched, bumped, dropped, or scuffed. A good quality case can help reduce this risk. Plus, there are so many options for child-friendly case covers it can give the device its own personality to match your child’s.
  • Depending on child usage an extended warranty may be worth it. Parents may want to invest in an extended warranty for the cell phone. This may depend on the type of phone, its features, how often it will be used, and the cost of the device itself. There are warranties that come with the device but they may not offer the protection you want for the phone. This is different from phone insurance with some experts suggesting you skip this option since some companies are known for sending out used phones when a claim is made.
  • Have a plan in case the phone gets lost or stolen. There are apps you can download to help you track a lost phone. Some phones have a built-in feature to help you find a lost device.
  • Invest in a cell phone monitoring application. I know we already talked about Auto Forward, but I thought it needed another mention. Monitoring your child’s cell phone is yours and their best interest. You can monitor all their texts, photos, videos, apps and more features found on the Auto Forward features page. Sometimes these kinds of software programs can seem pretty confusing, but with the help of Auto Forward’s call assistance and the how it works page of the Auto Forward website, the installation and use of this product can be easier than you ever thought possible.

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